Sunday, March 21, 2010


DearAll,I can very well percieve that the whole focus of prevention of HIV is onbehavioural change in sex practices. This may be true but only upto an extent.Reports done in African countries indicate that sexual practice by itself maynot be the reason for increase in the incidences of HIV. Despite the fact thatthere has been reduction in STD, HIV prevelence have shown an upward trend. Whyshould it happen? The only answer is that spread of HIV is also caused by reuseof syringes without proper Disinfection, and because of sharing of syringes. Thefocus therefore has tochange from only sex related issues to also proper disposal of bio-medicalwaste, specifically the injetion waste. I hope this line finds support and westart doing something about the injection waste disposal.Dr LK Verma.e-MAIL: <>

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